We all deal with stress in different ways, some go for long jogs, others have a drink {or 7}, some take naps, but for me I turn to the kitchen! Baking has always been my thing, even from a young age. My life has been SO busy lately, I haven’t even had a few hours to get the oven going and hang out in the kitchen. I do however have a large number of treats that are next on the list to bake. So until I get around to baking {I will share when I do}, here are some inspirational sweet treats that are next on my list! {side note: mine will not look nearly this perfect, but hey a girl can dream}

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  • Lucy says:

    These look fantastic. Best of luck in attempting them – I too stress bake (I’m actually waiting on a batch of cookies to come out of the oven right now before I return to study) and it really helps the relief. I tried macaroons for the first time this weekend and while they were well-tasty, they didn’t turn out as perfect looking as I’ve seen in the books

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