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Spending today and the rest of the week at the beach with family and could not be more excited. What a great year and so much to be thankful for, Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for following along with Lucky Girl Finds!

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Best of… September

With October starting tomorrow {where does the time go?} I thought I would look back on a few of my favorite things from September. From an epic bike day with amazing friends, to trying new restaurants, picking up a few new clothing items, a trip to Austin, and a night with Jerry Seinfeld… September you were good, you were real good, can’t wait to see what the rest of Fall has in store.


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time flies when you’re having fun

A few days and one year ago, I started lucky girl finds. What a year it has been! From outfit post, to DIY projects, their way & the save way, friday finds, and the occasional sweet treat, I have absolutely loved every minute of sharing my finds with you! Not to mention the amazing people I have met along the way as well!  Thank you for the support, the love, the comments and feedback! I cannot wait to see what this next year has in store and look forward to blog updates and much more inspiration coming your way!

And for today, just a little look back on this amazing year! {click-through the images and photos to see previous post from throughout this past year}

xoxo, lucky girl 

heading out on the hunt in NYC

so much to celebrate

Life lately has been busy, an actually I think busy may be an understatement. However I can’t complain, this type of busy is good, as a matter of fact great! From planning parties, to attending weddings and celebrating birthday’s. I feel like I have hardly have had time to breath. Not to mention we have turned my mom’s house into a DIY central {for my sister’s upcoming very-fast-approaching wedding}. Which has created enough activity for everyone to participate in.

Even with all the non-stop activity I did manage to sneak away to Austin for a few days. A much-needed break from DIYing and my everyday work routine! A little shopping and amazing food was just what I needed. And when I got back into town, I celebrated my birthday with family and great friends! Here is a glimpse into the celebrations lately……

{surprise bridal tea party for my sister}

{tea hats were a must for the tea party}

{beautiful centerpiece at a good friends wedding}

{high-low floral dress worn to a good friends wedding}

{a little canoeing away from it all}

{Barton Springs, Austin}

{Austin Food Trailer Park, my new favorite}

{birthday cake with family}

{champagne is perfect for a celebration}

{dinner with girlfriends, and a few gentlemen too!}

{and one last slice of cake with friends}

a year in review

As 2011 comes to a close, I cannot help but to be thankful for the past year. From my new adventures in blogging, my sisters {and my best friend, as of last night} engagements, milestones professionally, and healthy family and friends. I wait in anticipation what 2012 will bring my way. A few things already are in the works and I cannot contain my excitement. A new position at work for me, a wedding for my sister and big plans for further success in blogging. Hopefully, some traveling along the way. So as one year closes and another one begins, I wish you a Happy New Year! And leave you with my favorite posts from 2011 {click on image to read them again}. Cheers!

{the start of lucky girl finds}

{problem solved}

{vacation finds}

{books-not just for reading}

{chalk it up}

{boring to bold}


{going green}


lucky girl finds…

Ever since I could remember I browsed high-gloss magazines cutting out things I liked: accessories, clothing, recipes and shoes! I would take the inspiration collected and head out on the search. Searching for similar pieces, with my own style incorporated, and a much lower price range in mind! I’ve always had the knack for finding high-end looks for low-end prices.

I am always up for shopping, no matter if it’s shopping for gifts or groceries; myself or others; my home or my closet. Shopping is my absolute favorite thing to do. I’m not the one who gets a purchasing high, for me I enjoy the entire process. The browsing, the details of the garments, looking through rack after rack, the actual hunt itself and not knowing what I will come across next. The key to my successful shopping trips is my willingness to enter any retail establishment, no matter how disorganized it may seem from first glance. Sometimes it’s the chaos that makes the search more interesting. Now, don’t get me wrong I love the service and ease of shopping at fine retail establishments (and the sale racks too)! But I am also not afraid to dig through piles, browse the racks and fight the crowds for that next lucky find!

With my knack for finding high-end inspired items at prices everyone can afford, friends, family, co-workers and even strangers, refer to me as lucky, whenever they inquire about my recent finds. Which brings me to where I am today!

Welcome to lucky girl finds! 

Money is tight these days for all of us and trendy pieces move in and out of  our homes so quickly, no reason to watch our money fly away with them. Please enjoy my newest adventure… This blog will provide you daily inspiration for fashion+entertaining+decor!

xo  -lg

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