friday finds {on the wall}

From nursery’s to living rooms, animal accents  have made their way back into everyday decor.  I came across these super cute paper-mache heads from dwell studios and I absolutely love them! I don’t have a place for one now, but I am going to keep these in mind for the home office I hope to have one day!

mirror, mirror…

A mirrored piece of furniture can be a beautiful accent for any room, however mirrored pieces are typically way out of my price range. I came across this piece from Target for a great price.  And I have to say I am highly considering!


 their way: $249.99 

the save way: Target $119.99

a little bit of sunshine

After the very hectic week caused by Hurricane Isaac, I am happy to report the sun is shining. Still no power in my little apartment, but we all made it through and that’s what matters. Hoping to have lucky girl finds back up and running normally for next week. Thanks for hanging in there! And for today nothing else is more appropriate than a little sunshine!




colorful kitchen

I actually enjoy shopping for kitchen items, from bakeware to bowls and everything in between. Whenever I am shopping for something to add to my kitchen collection, I always think about how it would look if it gets left out on the counter. After all, there is no need to hide everything behind cabinet doors. Over the years I have created quite the colorful collection. Next time you are picking up items for your kitchen skip those boring plastic measuring cups, and go for something a little brighter, and more bold! Here are a few of my favorite kitchen items. {need a house-warming gift? these would be perfect!}


measuring cups, bakeware, cookie jar, oven mits, cake stands

painted sticks

Walking through Anthropologie for me, is instant inspiration overload. Things like; I want to make that, I have got to try that on, what can I use that for constantly swirl throughout my mind. Such a creative retail space, with ideas for all aspects of life. On my most recent trip I came across this great installation, that I want to try someday. Simple paint sticks, with a little color, hung in such a beautiful way! One day, I will find a use for this {maybe a photo backdrop?}. Until then, a little inspiration for you!

get hooked

From jewelry, to keys, and light jackets too, decorative hooks are a go-to of mine when trying to get organized! {They do wonders for long necklaces, all of mine are hung from hooks and rarely get tangled!}

black and white hook, tree branch, teal hooks, hook board, antler hook, zebra hook 

upside down

I was recently inspired by an image on pinterest. An upside down wastebasket used as a little accent table. What a great idea! Not to mention extremely inexpensive, much less than a pricey piece of furniture. Put a few together for a little coffee table or even use with your outdoor furniture. A little wobbly on the top {what was the bottom} put a few coffee table books for decor {as seen here}, it’s just the perfect place! I would have demonstrated in my own house, unfortunately my wastebaskets are not that stylish, however I see a new purchase in my near future!


Let’s face it, I will probably never own a 4 story town house in Manhattan or a sprawling estate in the Caribbean, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream right? I recently spent a little too much time on Architectural Digest and found myself completely in awe.

In awe, of the amazing inspiration.  I’m always on the hunt for inspiration, but I have to be honest, it’s interiors where I come across the best color palates. Colors that find themselves paired in my clothing, home and accessories.

{neutral with a touch of pink}

{a pop of yellow}

{silver on neutral}

{ikat print}

{navy and red}

{bold and gold}

{crisp and green}

{green and aqua}


Walk into my small apartment any evening and you will immediately notice the multiple candles burning throughout. I purchased this Missoni for Target candle a while back and could not toss out the holder once the candle had burned. I slightly melted the wax and cleaned out the inside and it has become a multi-purpose container. From flowers to markers and even small candles, It continues to move around my apartment {it’s now on my desk at work, shown below}. Just remember this before you toss out that pretty little candle holder. {also, keep the glass ones and clean out and use for little flower vases around your house or as a thoughtful surprise for a friend}

big easy style

New Orleans homes have always intrigued me,  not because tourist pay to take walking tours {which I highly recommend}, but because the eclectic design mix they all contain.  Majority of the homes I have been in have the right combination of style and antiques; drama and comedy; darks and lights; new and old. Not to mention most Garden District homes are well over a 100 years old. The house I live in was built-in 1903!

Bryan Batt is a New Orleans native and celebrity and not just known for his acting on Mad Men, but for his style! He is the author of this classic book that portrays the right amount of aged and modernism, tough and playfulness. I highly recommended for a gift or for yourself. I got mine for Christmas! And of course it’s displayed on the coffee table! {note the chapter titles, so inspirational even on their own}

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