boring to bold

Ok, ok, you’ve heard enough from me on chevron print…. BUT I can’t help but share my latest DIY project! I have had an ikea rug in my kitchen forever, so boring! I knew I wanted color, but not something over-powering. When in doubt, choose chevron! The rug came out perfect {with a little from my mom}.

{look here and here for other chevron DIY projects}

fall for the home

I cannot believe we are half way through October. Where does the time go? Fall is my favorite time of year and I could’t help but share some of the things I enjoy! Bring autumn into your home with the additions below.

{luminaries for the early evenings}

{owl candy bowl, $29, esty}

{painted pumpkins, much easier then carving}

{fresh flowers}

{crow on a candy dish, $24.99}

{looking for a fall candle see my favorite scent here}

everything dish

I have had this glass dish in a junk drawer forever. I’ve used it a few times it for a candle holder and also as a soap dish, but its been a pretty boring piece. I decided to give it a little face lift. I found a print online that I liked, printed it on card stock and used modge podge to adhere to the bottom.

 *DIY gold chain necklace

*bottle jewelry holder 

scent of fall

Once October hits, and the first fall day has arrived, I immediately bring out the pumpkins and sweaters. Even though the weather is still fluctuating I love the scent of fall, the fresh air and the crisp leaves. On a recent trip to the mall the smell of Bath and Body Work lured me in {I can’t tell you how many years it’s been since I have been in one}. I came across the perfect fall candle {leaves}, and it has since created an amazing fall aroma throughout my entire home.

{bath & body works, leaves, $19.50}

missed out on missoni {for target}

So you weren’t able to get your hands on the anticipated Missoni for Target collection {that I wrote about here and here}? Well you are in for a treat. I have compiled some of the best Missoni inspired items out there, just for you! And of course they are all so affordable!

{personalized paperweight $35}



{2 pillow covers $30}

{personalized note pad $18}


{$19.50 for 3}

missoni madness {for target}

I have been debating on writing about Missoni for Target or letting the issue rest {there has been much controversy over the anticipated collection: lack of inventory, women hoarders, ebay price hikes, and advertising running for a campaign that has no merchandise etc.} I decided to give you a little insight on what was a successful shopping trip for me {since I shared with you my anticipation here}!

I have always been much more successful, especially at Target, when visiting store locations that are not in a city or major populated area. I typically drive at least 30 minutes to get to a Target that has less store traffic {my parents live near as well}. I also visit the local Target whenever I am on the road as well. The Target location I went to for the Missoni launch was fully stocked and ready to serve its customers. On that day I was the ONLY customer there for Missoni! It was such a pleasurable experience, and the employees {who were still unpacking a few items} were so kind and helpful! So in this case taking the road less traveled {or store less frequented} lead to my lucky girl finds! I have shared a few finds below!

{P.S. I was actually fortunate enough to place an online order as well, patience paid off in that instance. However still awaiting the deliveries!}

{nesting bowls, tumblers}

{bobby pins, head scarf}

{storage bin, photo frames and candle}

painted photos

I love being surrounded by photos, they are all over my house! Eventually {especially in a one bedroom} you run out of room to display photo frames. I have always loved the idea of photos on canvas, however never wanted to make the investment {I am known for changing my photos out often}. I created an inexpensive way to display photos involving inexpensive art store canvases, all steps illustrated below!

{supplies and vacation photo}


1. Modge Podge

2. Sponge brush

3. Canvas

4. Photo printed {size in relation to canvas size}

5. Acrylic paint {darker colors work better}

6. Paint brushes

{cover canvas/photo in modge podge. sponge is best applicator}

{use darker acrylic paint for the edges, a messy look turns out better}

{inexpensive, easy canvas frames}

shade upgrade

One of the lamps in my bedroom I have had since college! And it has been needing a face lift for a while now. With the help of my talented mom we recently took on a lamp shade upgrade.

The process was fairly easy, I have outlined the main steps below!

1. Trace outline of lampshade {make sure you trace both the top and bottom of the shade}

2. Cut out traced pattern to use as a guide to cut fabric for shade

3. Add iron on sheets to the back of the decorative fabric before cutting out your design

4. Cut out flower design {we used a pre-printed fabric, you can always make your own for design variations}

5. Iron on flower design to fabric back

6. Use a hot glue gun to adhere fabric to the lamp shade

7. Use a fabric edging to finish off the top and bottom seems of the shade {hot glue was used to apply}

friday finds {diy}

This recent find {from} is a diy project that I plan to tackle on this long holiday weekend. I absolutely love candles and have them ALL over my house. This is such a great way to dress up basic candle holders and the final look is amazing!


{hurricane candle holder $22.27}

do it yourself

{DIY find, click through for full instructions}

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