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2015-06-09_18-10-02I recently printed out a bunch of new photos for my house and went the instagram route, cause after all I feel like majority of my photos are on my phone these days. I used Foxgram and couldn’t be happier! I got the 3 x 4 prints and they came out great; and only $0.35 each! And that frame… it’s my new favorite!




Copper Planter DIY

I’ve been eyeing several copper pieces lately and decided to try a DIY of my own. I scooped up the plant below at Home Depot and a terracotta planter to house it in. Just a few coats of spray paint and my copper planter was complete. Super simple and I love the way it turned out.






DIY to Try


I love a good DIY and to be honest I’ve really been slacking in the DIY department. For several reasons, but mainly I really don’t have room to add anything else to my tiny apartment. When I came across these four recent DIY projects I knew, one, they didn’t take up much room and two, I would actually use these {or gift them}. Adding these to my summer project list!

Terracotta Painted Pot {Triple Max Tons}

Embroidered Drawstring Bag {The Glitter Guide}

Summer Camp Appliqués {Little Tin Soldier} 

Summer Floral Arrangement {Style Me Pretty} 

The Dollar Bins

I bought these super cute canvas pouches for $1 {that’s right a $1, less than a pack of gum} from the dollar bins at Target and immediately came home and added my own personal touch. With a little paint and a homemade stencil, I think they came out pretty cute! Never underestimate the fun finds in the dollar bins at Target!

Target Dollar Bin DIY  Target Dollar Bin DIY Target Dollar Bin DIY Target Dollar Bin DIY Target Dollar Bin DIY

*all photos my own


chalk paint

To be honest, I wasn’t planning on putting this on the blog {please ignore the crappy pics}, but when something is SO easy and the results are better than imagined, I feel like it’s a no brainer to share. I scooped up this end table from an antique market here in New Orleans a while back, and a few years later the table still battered and bruised.

I’ve heard a lot about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint {it’s not for chalk, so don’t let the name fool you}, and really wanted to know, is it as easy as they say? I tried my own hand at it, and let me tell you, it’s easier than I had ever dreamed. No sanding, no priming, just two coats of paint, a little dry time in between and I was done. The paint is pricey, but really goes a long way. I chose the original color and after I finished this table I went on and did my headboard {seen in the after photo below} and I still have paint left in the can. Only thing I would do different, and I still may do, is finish the table with the lacquer {they say it helps protect from water}. I still can’t get over the ease of painting and the fact all those old stains were fully covered.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint DIY

Check out where to purchase in your area HERE.

give the gift of DIY

I had a set of wooden kitchen utensils lying around and decided to give them a little makeover, a super simple DIY, and one that turned very boring kitchen utensils into something more exciting to use. With the holidays upon us, I love the idea of giving a set of these with a fun platter or set of kitchen towels. The whole project only took about 20 minutes and I just added more white to the paint mix to create the ombre effect.

lucky girl finds | DIY to Try lucky girl finds | DIY to Try

lucky girl finds | DIY to Try

lucky girl finds | DIY to Try

lucky girl finds | DIY to Try

lucky girl finds | DIY to Try

DIY to try

I have been eyeing tassel necklaces for quite some time now {especially this one}, and decided to try my hand at making a few of my own. I have to say I think they came out pretty well, not to mention, this was a pretty simple DIY.  Just a few beads, a few tassels {Hobby Lobby has a great selection} and some cord to string it on, and that’s it!

lucky girl finds | DIY to try  lucky girl finds | DIY to try  lucky girl finds | DIY to try  lucky girl finds | DIY to try  lucky girl finds | DIY to try

*all photos my own


son of a sailor

I learned a lot while at Texas Style Council, but my favorite class hands down, was a DIY with Son of a Sailor Jewelry and Supply. I absolutely love the look of painted leather, not to mention, many of their pieces are one-of-a kind.  This is a new to me brand and I can’t wait to watch them grow. Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

For a peek at my final DIY project, check it out over on my Facebook page! 

Son of a Sailor

Son of a Sailor

Son of a Sailor

Son of a Sailor

Son of a Sailor

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