glass with a stache

My mom came across a very clever idea for my sisters bachelorette party. Given the theme was fiesta {for Cinco de Mayo} it fit perfectly into the weekends festivities. They were also very easy to make! I free-handed the mustaches out of black felt and my mom attached a clip on earring back, to the back of the stache. And the bottom was chalkboard paint, just another way to identify your glass.

Throwing a party? These are the perfect conversation starters, and favor. I had all the girls take theirs home.

*similar clip-on earring backs here 


We all deal with stress in different ways, some go for long jogs, others have a drink {or 7}, some take naps, but for me I turn to the kitchen! Baking has always been my thing, even from a young age. My life has been SO busy lately, I haven’t even had a few hours to get the oven going and hang out in the kitchen. I do however have a large number of treats that are next on the list to bake. So until I get around to baking {I will share when I do}, here are some inspirational sweet treats that are next on my list! {side note: mine will not look nearly this perfect, but hey a girl can dream}

*click-through the images for recipes

cupcake martini

I spent this past weekend in St. Louis at a wedding shower for my sister and her fiancé. His mom and aunts made these precious cupcakes. Absolutely picture {pinterest} perfect! The cupcakes were baked in the martini glasses {she used gluten-free mix cake mix},  and traditional icing {with food color added} was melted and poured on {hence the smoothness}. Jordan almonds and mini M&M’s were added on top for decoration. Can’t forget the sugared rim as well! How cute are these? They would be perfect for the upcoming easter weekend as well.

big easy style

New Orleans homes have always intrigued me,  not because tourist pay to take walking tours {which I highly recommend}, but because the eclectic design mix they all contain.  Majority of the homes I have been in have the right combination of style and antiques; drama and comedy; darks and lights; new and old. Not to mention most Garden District homes are well over a 100 years old. The house I live in was built-in 1903!

Bryan Batt is a New Orleans native and celebrity and not just known for his acting on Mad Men, but for his style! He is the author of this classic book that portrays the right amount of aged and modernism, tough and playfulness. I highly recommended for a gift or for yourself. I got mine for Christmas! And of course it’s displayed on the coffee table! {note the chapter titles, so inspirational even on their own}

made with love

Need a Valentine’s treat for Tuesday? These are super easy to make and are absolutely delicious! I must tell you it does require a little mess, but cleanup is easy. All you need is a bag of Pretzel Rods, Almond Bark {chocolate or vanilla}, and fun colored sprinkle.

1. Melt almond bark in 30 second intervals in the microwave, dip pretzels in melted chocolate

2. Pour sprinkles over melted chocolate immediately

3. Use a counted top edge to let pretzels dry {I put aluminum foil on the ground to catch the drippings}

4. Enjoy!

*to individually wrap use a plastic bag and a small piece of ribbon, and cut out hearts from colored paper to personalize!

absolutely “wonder”ful

Before heading to NYC I read up on new and upcoming events, designers and store openings. I came across one person who had always sparked my interest. Chris Burch, the ex-husband of Tory Burch. I have come to learn he is a retailing genius! He recently opened C.Wonder,  a boutique in SOHO {there are 3 other locations as well}, and let me tell you something, it may have been what dreams are made of.

Holiday music, great {unique and affordable} gift items, a very helpful and colorful staff. I absolutely loved it! The merchandising was perfect and the selection was on point! I highly recommend you visit the store next time you are in NYC! No plans to travel to NYC? Don’t worry you can shop online {but, I will tell you the in-store selection is much larger}.

{ikat bowls $8}

{tassel key fob $18}

{stud bracelet $38}

{votive $4}

{croco wellies $78}

{hard clutch $68}

highlights {NYC}

New York proved once again to be an amazing time. I have so many things to share that one post won’t be enough! I did however want to highlight a few places that stand out from this years trip! Look for more post focusing on the finds I came across!

{scarves in Chinatown, who could resist?}

{New World Trade Center and Memorial}

{80's cover band, Rubix Kube}

{Macy's Herald Square, Bergdorf Goodman Window}

{Beauty & Essex: HIGHLY recommended}

{well hello lady liberty, off in the distance}

{Oysters @ the mermaid NYC}

*Links to places photographed: 

World Trade Center Memorial  {a MUST visit}

Rubix Kube  {amazing 80’s cover band that has outfit changes galore}

Macy’s Herald Square  {love at Christmas time}

Bergdorf Goodman  {the windows are to die for, not to mention the shoe section}

Beauty & Essex {food and atmosphere maybe be one of my all-time favorites}

The Mermaid Oyster Bar  {great oyster and cocktail happy hour, the decor is precious}

easy truffles

I love chocolate candy! Especially the pricey kind that comes in a fancy box. Who knew you could make your own. I came across this super easy recipe {on pinterest, of course} for vanilla-chocolate truffles and they are delicious! No baking needed and pretty simple to make, just a little messy, but totally worth it! These would be great to have at your next holiday party too!

 1 cup vanilla cake mix

7 oz sweetened condensed milk {i used about half a can}

2 cups chocolate chips

1/2  tsp. vanilla extract

*you can substitute and use gluten-free cake mix 

1. Mix cake mix, vanilla extract and sweetened condensed milk

2. Refrigerate dough mix for 15 minutes then roll dough into small balls and refrigerate for another 15 mins.

3. Melt chocolate, I used my microwave melting in 30 second intervals and mixing

*use parchment paper to keep the dough and chocolate from sticking

4. Dip refrigerated cake balls into the melted chocolate {this part is very messy}

5. Place back onto baking sheet and refrigerate

*store in the refrigerator

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