wear this, with that

While browsing the racks at a local boutique yesterday a lady approached me, saying she loved how well my bag and shoes went together. I took the compliment, but was taken back, because there is no way I thought about that as I was getting dressed. I’m not a real matchy, matchy person but the combination I was wearing went well, without perfectly matching. Here are a few combinations that do just the same.


Combination 1: sandals, bag

Combination 2: sandals, bag

Combination 3: sandals, bag

clutch crush

I’m back from New York, and moving much slower then usual today! I had such a great time in the city with some of my best college girlfriends, but after a jammed packed weekend it’s always nice to get back home. I came across these precious C.Wonder clutches over the weekend. Perfect to throw in an oversized bag or use alone as a clutch.


P.S. Ignore the funny colors of my blog, WordPress has been acting up the last two days. Hope to have it fixed soon!

the lunch bag clutch

lunch bag clutch

I’ve seen these lunch bag style clutches all over, one small problem, majority of the ones I’ve come across are over $200! I finally found one, for a much more affordable price, $36 to be exact.

lunch bag clutch

their way: Marie Turnor, $220

the save way: Zara, $36

the black bag

You can never have enough handbags, right?  Once the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, I tend to reach for my black handbags much more, which lately leaves me craving a new one.  Zara does several things right, and handbags is one of them. Rich materials, on-trend shapes and great quality. Here are a few bags I am currently loving.



polished pouch

I ventured out to do a little shopping on Sunday and who knew the holiday season was in full force {and the crowds felt like it too}! I came across these absolutely adorable pouches at Anthropologie and I have to say they would make the perfect gift {just $28}. In fact, I think I need to go back and purchase one for myself. They are not that large in size, but will fit the necessities, and the perfect sparkle to get you through the holiday season.


focus on…

Sometimes when shopping it’s nice to focus on one thing. Lately handbags have been on my mind {as seen here last week}. I came across these street style images from elle.com and have been inspired from looks, to colors, sizes and materials! While majority of these bags are on the pricier side, I am more than happy to help you find one for less {just leave a comment}!

*all images from elle.com

handbag challenge

I carry a large purse on a daily basis. Big enough for just about anything. And I have to admit, it has created a problem, I always want to take everything, everywhere. Sort of a comfort for me. Hey, you never know when you may need that extra phone charger, those 6 lipstick shades to choose from or that full size hair brush. I have slowly been trying to introduce smaller handbags into my routine and I am currently craving, a hard-shell clutch. Yes, very small and doesn’t expand, I can’t believe I am even considering it. I’m talking just enough room for an iPhone, a few credit cards, and a lipstick. I’m setting a personal challenge for myself, to purchase and use one of these tiny treasures! Here are a few that are right in my price range, but I think I have decided on one I love!

{top to bottom} one {Zara}, two {Urban Outfitters}, three {Zara}, four {Urban Outfitters}, five {C.Wonder}, six {Banana Republic}, seven {Zara}


the straw debate…

Every year around this time I feel like I have the battle of the straw bag. Do I want one? It’s too big? It’s too small? I don’t want to ruin it if it gets wet! But, wait it won’t fit a large beach towel. I can’t squeeze in my suitcase and need it to be large enough for my carry on! The strap is too short. These are constant things that I come across when having the great straw debate. I think I may have found one that covers all the bases. Structured enough for a carry on, straps long enough to lug through an airport, short straw straps for the beach and large enough for beach towels and magazines. And hey when I get back from the beach it will be a great summer tote, once the sand is cleaned out of course. So here it is ladies, I think I found a winner! Oh wait, I totally forgot to mention its only $29.95.

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