Back to School

Well it’s officially back to school and no matter how old I get I will always be a fan of school supplies. New pens, notebooks, calendars… you name it, I can’t resist. Anyone who knows me well knows that you can always find an assortment of markers, pens and multiple calendars on my desk at any given time.

My favorite supplies come from Paper Source. We don’t have a store here in New Orleans but whenever I am in a city with one it’s a must stop on my list. Perfectly merchandised office supplies and trinkets are my little slice of happy!


Poppin | Work Happy

Even though I’m far out of school and I don’t have any little ones, I LOVE school supplies. New pens and notebooks, I can’t resist. This time of year the urge to buy new desk accessories is in full force! That’s where Poppin comes in. Poppin is such a fun place to shop for new supplies. I love how you can shop by color or interest. And the pen selection, to die for!

Poppin | Work Happy SHOP POPPIN

get hooked

From jewelry, to keys, and light jackets too, decorative hooks are a go-to of mine when trying to get organized! {They do wonders for long necklaces, all of mine are hung from hooks and rarely get tangled!}

black and white hook, tree branch, teal hooks, hook board, antler hook, zebra hook 

outfits organized

A few weeks back, when I was preparing for my sister’s wedding, I knew I had to be extremely organized and prepared to help with what ever needed to be done at the drop of a hat. With that being said I wanted to look cute myself and knew I wouldn’t have time to waste to put together outfits throughout the weekend {I needed 4 complete looks total}. We stayed at a hotel not to far from my house and I packed on hangers with a small Ziploc bag attached to each containing my accessories. I poked a small hole in the Ziploc to put on the hanger. Packing this way is an absolute must when you have multiple outfits and time is not on your side.

behind closed doors

I have been doing a lot of cleaning, re-organizing and re-decorating this month. I typically have a very neat and organized home {I’m a perfectionist when it comes to pillows and bedding}, however that is not the case behind closed doors and drawers {closets, cabinets and dressers that is }. I tend to ignore the mess I can’t see. I have rather large doors and a bookshelf that fits perfectly behind one {I live in a one bedroom, I need all the storage space I can get}. This shelf was getting out of control, I finally had to do something about it. Inspired by a few after Christmas craft sale purchases, from my mom.

*bins from Target, plaques from Michaels Craft Store {painted with chalkboard paint}

*other chalkboard paint post here

sequin storage

It’s that time of year when we all pull out the glitz, glam and sparkle. As most of you know, I don’t spend outrageous amounts on clothing, but I do treat all my pieces with equal respect! No matter Forever21 or Saks, I take care of it all. Unfortunately, I’m not blessed with a closet straight off Sex and the City. Instead I’m stuck with a limited space and jammed packed racks, with hangers-on top of each other. When is comes to sequins, It’s extremely important to store your pieces inside out! This reduce’s the loss of sequins and the occasional pull on other clothing items.

*black sequins skirt, Joe Fresh

*white sequins top, Forever21 

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