sequin storage

It’s that time of year when we all pull out the glitz, glam and sparkle. As most of you know, I don’t spend outrageous amounts on clothing, but I do treat all my pieces with equal respect! No matter Forever21 or Saks, I take care of it all. Unfortunately, I’m not blessed with a closet straight off Sex and the City. Instead I’m stuck with a limited space and jammed packed racks, with hangers-on top of each other. When is comes to sequins, It’s extremely important to store your pieces inside out! This reduce’s the loss of sequins and the occasional pull on other clothing items.

*black sequins skirt, Joe Fresh

*white sequins top, Forever21 

just pin it

Well I can officially admit, I am a pinterest addict! I had to share this recent idea I pinned. Ever since I could remember I have used bobbi pins. They are all over my house, in every handbag and even throughout my car. This is best idea to keep them from living all over the place. All you need is a magnetic strip and a little double-sided tape.

{image from pinterest}

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trays.. and more trays

Trays work great to add color, texture and height to flat surfaces. Best part, get bored of the look, just move the tray around the house, from the coffee table, to the nightstand. Here are some of my recent favorite finds below.

{ Z Gallerie $24.95}

{West Elm $22-$24}

{Z Gallerie $29.95}

{Pier 1 $29.98}

{QVC $36.35}

{etsy $35}

boot leggin’

Why didn’t I think of that…the most genius storage idea yet! Recently I pulled out all my winter clothes, boots, scarves etc. I had to do a little closet re-arranging. And was at a loss for my slouchy boots, that just wouldn’t stand up. Then I remembered bottles, wine bottles. They are the perfect shape and size to keep those boots standing tall!

*boots Sam Edelman {no longer available}

missoni madness {for target}

I have been debating on writing about Missoni for Target or letting the issue rest {there has been much controversy over the anticipated collection: lack of inventory, women hoarders, ebay price hikes, and advertising running for a campaign that has no merchandise etc.} I decided to give you a little insight on what was a successful shopping trip for me {since I shared with you my anticipation here}!

I have always been much more successful, especially at Target, when visiting store locations that are not in a city or major populated area. I typically drive at least 30 minutes to get to a Target that has less store traffic {my parents live near as well}. I also visit the local Target whenever I am on the road as well. The Target location I went to for the Missoni launch was fully stocked and ready to serve its customers. On that day I was the ONLY customer there for Missoni! It was such a pleasurable experience, and the employees {who were still unpacking a few items} were so kind and helpful! So in this case taking the road less traveled {or store less frequented} lead to my lucky girl finds! I have shared a few finds below!

{P.S. I was actually fortunate enough to place an online order as well, patience paid off in that instance. However still awaiting the deliveries!}

{nesting bowls, tumblers}

{bobby pins, head scarf}

{storage bin, photo frames and candle}

twist ties

Don’t you hate when you open a loaf of bread or a bag of bagels and loose the twist tie? Well leave it to Michael Graves, for Target, to create a multi-purpose reusable tie. These work so good, I don’t even bother with the paper ties anymore.

{multi-use silicone ties, $3.89 for 6}


office space

These days it seems like I spend way more time at work then I do at home. Below are my favorite desk accessories that get me through the work week.

{yes I still use markers, to color-code everything. a little color makes everything better}

{Pottery Barn desk caddy, keeps all my cords hidden}

{vintage Vogue calendar gifted from my aunt}

{who doesn't love sharpies}

{must have coasters, nothing worse then water on your desk}

{my absolute favorite website for office space inspiration,}

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