busy, busy and another pair of booties

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind, from an extremely busy agenda at work, the bf heading off to Germany, a long football weekend in Austin, topped off with a Mumford and Sons concert last night… I am more than ready for a little normalcy around here, as well as, more time to devote to the blog.

As I was rushing out the door to get to Austin last Thursday I nearly tripped over a delivery at my back door, my newest pair of booties had arrived. I saw the pricier version at Anthropologie a while back, and when I saw the Target version, I ordered right away. The Target ones are not leather, but they still achieve the woven bootie look.



their way: Anthropologie; $138

the save way: Target; $27.99


boot challenge

A girlfriend and I got to talking the other day about booties, and I became inspired with the idea of forgoing knee-high boots this year. I think I can support this for a few reasons, first off, it doesn’t get that cold down here, secondly, booties tend to be less expensive and thirdly the styles are much more fun {a few of my favorites featured below}. A little personal challenge for myself, can I get through the fall and winter with booties only? Challenge accepted!



{all styles under $140}


friday finds

I made a pit stop at Forever21 last night {looking for this iPhone case} and ended up stumbling upon a gorgeous pair of high heels, with leather insoles no less. The color, shape and fit is perfect.

 City-Chic D'Orsay Stilettos City-Chic D'Orsay Stilettos City-Chic D'Orsay Stilettos

Forever21 City Chic D’Orsay Stiletto

{Other colors available online, I LOVE the burgundy pair as well}

*sorry for the lack of post this week, finally getting new internet service at my house tomorrow!

oh target…

Believe it or not, I have been in Target every night this week. And Target for me is not an easy trip, it’s more of a trek. My parents gave me new bedding for my birthday and I have tried about every single bed skirt Target sells, and have returned every one I’ve purchased. Tonight making my last return I decided to leisurely stroll the aisles, the first two nights I was a women on a mission. I came across the most perfect sandals and had to share. Target shoes for me are definitely a hit or a miss, but these are right on in so many ways.

summer sandal


Target: Sandals $16.99

should I?

Sorry for the lack of posts, I had full plans to post while I was out-of-town, however with internet issues and a computer giving me trouble, that didn’t happen. I did however have a great time visiting Savannah and St. Simons Island over the weekend {more to come from my trip later in the week, but you can check out a few instagram pics here}.

I came across these last week from Shoemint and I must say, I think I need to make the purchase! They are a little pricier then I normally spend, however right now you can get 20% your first purchase {use code 20LUVUS}. I have a feeling these will be a spring favorite! 2013-03-19_22-40-36 2013-03-19_22-40-44 2013-03-19_22-40-53

the updated flat

I absolutely loved these flats since the minute I laid eyes on them. Of course, out of my price range, but I recently spotted an almost exact style for much less. I love it when that happens!




Their Way: Black, Yellow, Coral 

The Save Way: Black, Yellow, Grey 

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