don’t be afraid {be inspired}

One of the biggest fashion myths I find low-price shoppers cling to is that large, upscale, department stores are out of their price reach. Well I am here to say do not be afraid. Those with smaller budgets tend to stray away from these places. I instead jump right in. These department stores can be the perfect place for inspiration not to mention sale racks, especially at the end of the season. During my stay in NYC I visited Bloomingdale’s, my absolute favorite high-end department store. Here you can find anything from couture designers too much lower priced in-house brands such as aqua! The sales racks were packed full! With half-price cashmere, dressy silk tops even current winter items. I found a great top for $40! Not to mention I didn’t mind snapping inspiration along the way. The best part about Bloomingdale’s… the dressing rooms. They are huge, not to mention so perfectly decorated {the birds are not real}.

{amazing fitting rooms}

Moral of the story, don’t be intimidated to shop higher-end department stores, even if you come out empty-handed you still leave inspired!

{a little inspiration}

I want to be a part of it…

New York is one of my favorite cities and I treasure all the time I get to spend here! I’m here on a girls trip with plans to finish all my Christmas shopping, catch up with the girls {with cocktails} and of course a lot little of shopping for myself! I have always had good shopping luck in NYC, so many options and deals to be found. Follow me on twitter {@luckygirlfinds} for all my updates and finds that I come across!

you love it or you hate it

This time of year you can’t get away from it! The TV commercials are over powering! It’s dreaded by some, but loved by me. That’s right you guessed it Black Friday! So what are your big plans? I know most will probably stay far away from the shopping malls as possible. I on the other hand will be right in the thick of it. No matter where I have been for Thanksgiving I always try to get out there and shop on Black Friday {it helps boost the economy, right?}, you never know what finds you will come across and let’s be honest, there is always great people watching as well.

This year I will be out shopping at midnight on Thanksgiving night, yep midnight my friends. I am headed to Florida with family and friends and the outlet malls are the prime shopping for Black Friday. The outlet stores on the top of my list are Saks off 5th, JCrew, Banana Republic, Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole and DKNY. I have shopped these outlets before this time of year and it’s always such a pleasure {I scored a $14 Chloe top and $40 JBrands last trip}. Not to mention now is the perfect time to invest in winter pieces, especially since most shoppers in Florida steer away from those seasonal items.

One thing to remember while shopping, just cause it’s on sale doesn’t mean you need to buy it.

*make sure you will wear it, use it, or gift it 

{can't wait to see what I can find}

vacation finds

I was fortunate enough to escape to Crested Butte, Colorado recently. Away from the heat and humidity and all things commercial. I found myself loving the nature around me and really enjoying being away from the fast-paced life I lead back home. Not to mention the cool temperatures, sweaters and scarves!

{best white mocha EVER}

{wild flowers}

{hike to long lake}

{Colorado brewed Fat Tire}

{beautiful view from town}

{fly fishing}

{locally made glasses, from recycled wine bottles}

{the perfect local souvenir}

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