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I have a few throw blankets around my house, which very rarely get used. However for over a week now I have been without heat in half of my apartment. To say its been chilly is an understatement. Every night I round-up my throw blankets and welcome the added warmth. As of today my heat has finally been fixed, but I may just continue to use these throws more regularly.

throw blankets

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pass the bucket

This time of year shopping is tricky, the sale racks are picked over and spring hasn’t quite sprung. Lately I’ve struck out at all my go to shops, and find myself browsing handbags and I’ve got my eye on the bucket bag. How cute are these styles? I think I see a purchase in my future.



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house dreams

My apartment doesn’t really have much room for new additions or improvements {it’s a small rental after all}, but I can say this ladies-only bungalow, featured on Domaine, is what house dreams are made of. I’m booking marking these photos, with hopes of a future space to use this inspiration. From the yellow lamps, to fuzzy bedroom benches and the clean feel of it all, I love it! And of course the dog too!

House Dreams


We all have those moments where you just have to getaway. Pull yourself away from your routines and get out of dodge. My bf and I did this in December and it was just what we both needed. Some much-needed time together, time away from work {I even put my work email on silent}, and a little wandering around a city we don’t get to very often. We took a road trip to Asheville, NC and had the best time. Asheville is such a fun, cute little city with so many great new restaurants and old favorites to see {like the Biltmore} and being there around the holidays is pretty magical. I have to mention, we had the best time putting my camera on self-timer and taking our own pics. We had a few turn out pretty amazing, hey whatever works, right?



I’m not one to make resolutions, cause let’s be honest, we could all eat healthier, get in better shape and spend more wisely. Instead of making resolutions I like to think about the year that was and what changes I want to make in the upcoming year. As I looked back on 2013 I realized how close I was to achieving several goals, from personal to professional and even for the blog, this year I am going to keep on reaching, with hopes to achieve those goals. Reaching out and reaching up. So here’s to 2014, the year I reach a little further.


cheers to the year that was

2013 was a good year, but I have to be honest I am anxiously awaiting 2014, and can’t wait to see what is in store. In early 2014 a few babies will be making their debuts {including a niece for me!!}, and I have a few weddings that are sure to be ones for the books. Personally I plan on paying more attention to my own goals {and making them achievable}, especially the ones I really let slide this year.

Looking back over Lucky Girl Finds throughout this past year I created some of my most favorite DIYs to date, traveled well and overall just had fun! A few {more like 22} of my favorites are included below. Thanks for following along and Happy New Years to you and yours!

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A Little Bite of Happy

The Goody Bag

Black and White in NYC

doors of Savannah

Sweet Southern Town

DIY Chalkboard Signs

DIY Beach Bag Charm

Cookie Time

Beach Walks

personalized dish




Texas Style Council

Sister Style

Apple Inspired

Lipstick Tip

New Orleans City Guide


DIY Tassel Necklace


In Details

{all photos my own, except the bride and groom image}

top it off

For once we had a very cold Christmas, and I loved it! Normally our weather is all over the map, but this year we had a traditional chilly Christmas. These past few days I have been reaching for my hats when going outside {which rarely happens around here}, but when my head is warm, the rest of me is as well. I only have two winter hats I switch between and if this colder weather sticks around I may have to add one or two more to the collection.


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