what’s old is new

Ever since I can remember my mom has gone all out every Christmas. From multiple trees, to wreaths on every window, to prize-winning front-door decor.  As we have gotten older she has changed things up, and some amazing items have been shared between my sister and I. This year, a perfect little reindeer came my way. The silhouette of this guy is amazing! However, I knew he needed a nice new coat of spray paint, and nothing screams festive like a bold metallic gold. I love the finished product so much, this little guy just may stay out all year.





give the gift of beauty

give the gift of sparkle and shine

1. Bobbi Brown Palette

2. Kate Spade Lipstick Crayons

3. Kiehl’s Greatest Hits

4. Sephora Palette

5. Julep Winter Collection

6. Forever21 Makeup Bag

*all gifts under $50

give the gift of DIY

I have forever been a fan of delicate pieces. During the week I keep my jewelry simple and light. This necklace is one of my favorites that I have made and has made great gifts for me in the past. Want to make you own presents this year? Try making this simple necklace.


beads, chain, hook, jewelry wire, wire cutters, needle nose pliers


1. Use wire cutters to cut your chain to desired length

2. String beads to jewelry wire {make sure the wire is slightly flexible}

3. Using needle nose pliers, wrap the ends of the beaded jewelry wire around both open ends of your chain, in order to secure

4. Use wire cutters to cut the chain, in order to attach closure hook, to what will be the backside of the necklace

{all photos my own}



December is here! Which means pour the bubbly and lets celebrate the year that was and toast to the new one ahead. December is always a very exciting month with lots to celebrate and this year even more so, as one of my very best girlfriends prepares for her late December wedding. With so many upcoming gatherings, I find myself wanting to add a few new champagne glasses to my collection. Not to mention, it’s always nice to have extra glasses on hand. I am currently on the hunt for stemless champagne flutes {perfect for spritzers too}!


Stemless Champagne Glasses


P.S. I love THESE too {and shatterproof, for those rowdy guest}!

the black bag

You can never have enough handbags, right?  Once the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, I tend to reach for my black handbags much more, which lately leaves me craving a new one.  Zara does several things right, and handbags is one of them. Rich materials, on-trend shapes and great quality. Here are a few bags I am currently loving.



small spaces for the holidays

I love my apartment, the location, the layout, the size {well perfect for one person}. But, unfortunately my apartment is nowhere near large enough for a full size christmas tree. This year I am focusing on decorating the mantel and have purchased several live wreaths to bring in that Christmas tree smell {p.s. live wreaths at Home Depot are around $5}. I have a large mirror on my mantel that isn’t going anywhere, and I love the idea of hanging a wreath on top of it. Here are a few wreath and mirror combinations I am admiring.


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