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Sometimes when shopping it’s nice to focus on one thing. Lately handbags have been on my mind {as seen here last week}. I came across these street style images from and have been inspired from looks, to colors, sizes and materials! While majority of these bags are on the pricier side, I am more than happy to help you find one for less {just leave a comment}!

*all images from

handbag challenge

I carry a large purse on a daily basis. Big enough for just about anything. And I have to admit, it has created a problem, I always want to take everything, everywhere. Sort of a comfort for me. Hey, you never know when you may need that extra phone charger, those 6 lipstick shades to choose from or that full size hair brush. I have slowly been trying to introduce smaller handbags into my routine and I am currently craving, a hard-shell clutch. Yes, very small and doesn’t expand, I can’t believe I am even considering it. I’m talking just enough room for an iPhone, a few credit cards, and a lipstick. I’m setting a personal challenge for myself, to purchase and use one of these tiny treasures! Here are a few that are right in my price range, but I think I have decided on one I love!

{top to bottom} one {Zara}, two {Urban Outfitters}, three {Zara}, four {Urban Outfitters}, five {C.Wonder}, six {Banana Republic}, seven {Zara}


live colorfully

We all have bad days and to those bad days, I say live colorfully! Buy yourself some flowers, put on that bright nail polish you haven’t worn in years, pick out the most colorful items in your closet and wear them all at once. Put on those neon gym shorts, instead of your old boring blacks ones. It’s amazing what happiness a little color can bring to you! Here are the little colorful things making me happy lately!

{colorful Urban Outfitters skirt}

{colored office supplies}

{DIY in color, more to come on this}

{candy aisle way too close to my house}

{bold H&M flat}

{fresh flowers}

{festive party straws from Target}

skirting the issue…

Tomorrow we will embark on the hottest month of the year, especially down south, and shopping can be difficult in these upcoming transition months. Sale racks are great, however fall arrivals are pretty and new, but just too warm to even look at, much less try on.

This time of year I tend to purchase versatile pieces that can take me from the end of the summer through the rest of the year. Lately I have been all about skirts, great for tan legs now, and tights and boots come late fall and winter. Here are a few that will take you right through these hot summer months and into the much cooler ones!

silver/grayblack and white, floral,  coral and tan, periwinkle floralcoral

painted sticks

Walking through Anthropologie for me, is instant inspiration overload. Things like; I want to make that, I have got to try that on, what can I use that for constantly swirl throughout my mind. Such a creative retail space, with ideas for all aspects of life. On my most recent trip I came across this great installation, that I want to try someday. Simple paint sticks, with a little color, hung in such a beautiful way! One day, I will find a use for this {maybe a photo backdrop?}. Until then, a little inspiration for you!

sole society

There are so many different shopping sites out there nowadays, with flash sales, special deals, monthly merchandise specials and member only features, you could seriously spend days browsing the selections. I came across a new one recently and I absolutely love it! You do have to sign up, but it’s only to get access and to create an account. Sole Society has so many great styles and choices for shoes, I just couldn’t resist. I purchased my first pair a few weeks back and plan to purchase another pair in the near future. And after all it’s good for your sole, right?!?

their way & the save way {shorts}

I feel like I haven’t done one of these post in forever! My weekend wardrobe recently is all shorts, and I am in the market to add a few new pairs. I came across the cutest pair from Madewell and what do you know, Old Navy makes a pair almost identical and for much less too!

their way: Madewell $59.50 

the save way: Old Navy $18.50

get hooked

From jewelry, to keys, and light jackets too, decorative hooks are a go-to of mine when trying to get organized! {They do wonders for long necklaces, all of mine are hung from hooks and rarely get tangled!}

black and white hook, tree branch, teal hooks, hook board, antler hook, zebra hook 

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