friday finds: One Kings Lane

I recently discovered One Kings Lane! It’s a member sales website offering all types of accessories! {this is going to be dangerous for me, I already want it all} They have ALL the accessories you can imagine for every aspect of your life.

*please note items posted may have sold out {finds like this tend to sell quickly}, but don’t be discouraged search around the site and check back daily.

{hand painted jug, $35}

{votive trio, $21}

{decanter set $49}

{dog bucket, $25}

{big book of cupcakes, $14}

office space

These days it seems like I spend way more time at work then I do at home. Below are my favorite desk accessories that get me through the work week.

{yes I still use markers, to color-code everything. a little color makes everything better}

{Pottery Barn desk caddy, keeps all my cords hidden}

{vintage Vogue calendar gifted from my aunt}

{who doesn't love sharpies}

{must have coasters, nothing worse then water on your desk}

{my absolute favorite website for office space inspiration,}

a few too many blueberries

i purchased a few too many blueberries over the weekend and didn’t want them to go to waste. i have found myself putting them in everything! i came across this blueberry butter recipe that is absolutely delicious! perfect for bagels, waffles and croissants! of course i had to make some muffins too!

{butter, blueberries, confectioners sugar}

{classic fav, fresh baked blueberry muffins too}

friday finds… diy

In a recent excursion to a local thrift store/junk yard I came across the perfect size bed side table. With a little TLC I was able to transform the $30 find into a great addition for my bedroom!

{restore-A-finish, so easy to use, no sanding needed!}

vacation finds

I was fortunate enough to escape to Crested Butte, Colorado recently. Away from the heat and humidity and all things commercial. I found myself loving the nature around me and really enjoying being away from the fast-paced life I lead back home. Not to mention the cool temperatures, sweaters and scarves!

{best white mocha EVER}

{wild flowers}

{hike to long lake}

{Colorado brewed Fat Tire}

{beautiful view from town}

{fly fishing}

{locally made glasses, from recycled wine bottles}

{the perfect local souvenir}

best of… bracelets

Who doesn’t love bracelets! I love that you can mix them up, wear less or more, not to mention they can easily be the perfect addition for a simple outfit.  Check out the chic {and inexpensive} bracelets below!

{$6.80, forever21}

{$48, House of Harlow}

{$3.80, forever21}

{$4.80, forever21}

{$17.24, asos}

live what you love…

i found these letterpress prints recently and fell in love! and the price is so inexpensive for a hand-made piece to add to you home!

{8x10 unframed, $20}

{a great quote to live by}

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