Oak Alley

As I have gotten older my appreciation for the city and state I come from has grown. I’ll be 30 soon and it still amazes me how many things I want to do in and around New Orleans and the gulf south that I haven’t done yet. A few weeks back on a beautiful Sunday afternoon my boyfriend and I took a drive to Oak Alley Plantation. It’s still so crazy to me that as a born New Orleanian, I had never made the trip, it’s just up the road after all! The grounds are just beautiful and the history is interesting as well! Looking for an afternoon away from the city, I highly reccomend a quick drive up to Oak Alley! 





Friday Finds: Ditch the Flops

I hardly ever wear flip-flops, normally only to get a pedicure and sometimes not even then. I came across these sandals last night at Forever21 and ordered the other two colors today! The perfect {stylish} alternative to flip-flops, and a must have for spring {and summer}! 2015-03-20_09-03-19

Fill Your Walls with Pieces you Love


As I get older I give more thought to the things I purchase and am trying to invest in pieces I truly love and that I will keep forever. One thing my boyfriend and I both enjoy is art! He and I are both always on the look out for original art that fits our budgets. I recently commissioned my first painting and I am truly obsessed! I’ve always loved the unique look of Frida Kahlo and now she hangs proudly on my wall! The other two flower paintings are by an artist I found through a friend, Jesse. You can find both artist on Etsy!

{Frieda by Rayne Housey ; Flowers by Hayley Mitchell}


*In New Orleans this weekend? Stop by The New Orleans Museum of Art, for the 2015 Art in Bloom! 

Spring Trend: White Out

It was almost 90 degrees here in New Orleans today, and when we wake up tomorrow, they are saying it’s going to be 40! From winter to spring now back to winter! I can’t wait till the temperature makes up its mind and enjoy the best spring has to offer! Last fall when designers were showing spring 2015, the thing I noticed on every single runway was all white. A spring trend I can’t wait to try!



Shop the look:


Distressed Perfection

2015-02-25_18-42-51.33I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of distressed, black, skinny jeans for quite some time now, and after a quick run in the Gap the other day, I came home with just the right pair! And even better, the right price. The cut is flattering and they are distressed just enough. Get your pair {here} for 30% today!

2015-02-25_18-42-51.44Image Credit: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Bedroom Confessions

When it comes to my bed, I’m extremely OCD. I won’t leave the house without the bed made, EVER. Even if it means running late. I’ve been this way as long as I can remember, and if someone else tries to make it, it’s not the same. When I was younger I was never the girl to let my friends hang out on my bed, it was a place for sleeping and I didn’t want it messed up until I was ready to get in it. Crazy I know, hence the post title. But there is something to be said about a well made bed. It sets the tone for your bedroom and your day and creates a sanctuary to call your own. What’s funny is whenever I see a really well made bed, I get a little envious and the itch to change my own. What’s even more funny is I happen to work for an amazing linen company, so everyday I see beautifully well made beds, that are constantly providing inspiration.





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St. Thomas and St. John

2015-02-22_21-08-21In December, {I know this post is long overdue} my boyfriend and I traveled to St. Thomas for a long weekend away. I had been before as a child, but never as an adult, and we already can’t wait to plan our next trip! From the food, to the people and activities, we had such a blast! I wanted to share my top picks with you! And a few photos of course!

To Stay: The Marriott Frenchman’s Reef 

-This hotel is the perfect location {not too far from the airport and very close to town} and has all the amenities one could possibly need! The staff was excellent and the property had the most amazing views from wherever you were!

To Eat: Havana Blue 

-Every meal we had was truly delicious, however our favorite had to be at Havana Blue. Just a quick ride from the hotel, the chef has a created a unique menu with local flare. The surf & turf was out of this world! And we had an ocean front view.

To Drink: Iggies 

-We ventured to Iggies one night after dinner and had the best time. The bar is right on the beach {think toes in the sand} with a live band and fun bar games, you can’t go wrong!

To Beach: Magen’s Beach {St. Thomas} and Honeymoon Beach {St. John} 

-Magen’s Beach is on the opposite side of the island from where we stayed and we ventured out one afternoon and couldn’t be happier that we did. A very secluded and beautiful spot, and oh so relaxing! {Shown in the last photo below}

-We took the ferry over to St. John for a full day of adventuring, however we spent majority of our time at Honeymoon Beach. We hiked from the downtown area to this beautiful oasis {our hotel bartender recommended it to us}. This is a MUST see. The water is just perfect and the beach was so quite! There was a little drink stand that served ice-cold coronas that kept us there most of the day! {Shown above and in photo two below}

St. Thomas Blog Post

Pack on the Back

Mardi Gras festivities are well on their way and this is the perfect companion; besides a cocktail of course! Hershel Supply Co. back packs are the perfect practical, yet stylish carryall. Can’t wait to get a little use out of mine over the weekend! And after Mardi Gras, it’s the perfect carry on! The Herschel Supply Co.



Winter Whites

Life has been a little stressful lately to say the least, and I’ve been looking forward to getting back to my blogging routine.

I watch the Today Show just about every morning and the recurring weather theme for the Northeast is snow and more snow, record-breaking in some places! The winter, white, wonderland looks so beautiful from a far and has me inspired. I scooped up some white roses recently and even have been reaching for my white jeans.  I know our friends in the Northeast are ready for the snow to end, but from where it’s sunny and 70 degrees, it sure is pretty!



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