their way & the save way

sandal ready

I came across some similar style sandals last season and was reminded of them again in this months Lucky Magazine. I recently stumbled upon an extremely similar pair, at the place I’d least expect, Rainbow, the random store in the mall that screams young teens. I saw them in window and didn’t hesitate to scoop up a pair. Now if only the weather would warm up……


SHOP:  Their Way: Shopbop $55The Save Way: Rainbow $12.99


I’ve been looking for a smaller spike bracelet to add to my ever-growing collection. I came across one recently that I loved, and what do you know, I found its twin for much less. If you ever come across something you love, but don’t want to spend the money, feel free to reach out. I’m here to help with looks for less!

their way: $162 

the save way: $13.92

color inspired

With the long Christmas weekend coming to an end, it’s now time to focus on the upcoming New Years holiday weekend! I have no idea what I am wearing yet, but I tend to stick to bold colors when dressing up. The bright shade below maybe the perfect inspiration!

their way, twelfth st. by cynthia vincent, $275

the save way, forever21, $27.80

underneath it all

Writing about underwear is a little personal, but I just had to share. I fell in love with Hanky Panky’s from the first time I put them on. My pocket-book not so much! A friend of mine came across the identical twin to Hanky Panky. And as always, my feelings, why spend more when you can save, on the exact same product {even the fabrics are similar}. Not to mention they wear the same as well. Can you tell the difference?

double take

The Frye Harness boots have always been a favorite of mine, but I have never wanted to spend the money! I recently found a similar pair at Target! The style is exactly the same and once they get a little more worn in they will be almost identical.

{these boots are made for walking}

their way: Frye, $227.95

the save way: Target, $45.00

their way & the save way {booties}

Booties {ankle boots} are everywhere for the fall! Below are two of my favorite looks I came across recently {high-end inspired, low-end prices}.

{suede and wood}

1. their way: Michael Kors, $250

2. the save way: Aldo, $110

{lovely leopard}

1. their way: Tory Burch, $425

2. the save way: Charlotte Russe, $35.50 

printed maxi

Walking around my neighborhood last week, I noticed the most unique maxi skirt in the window of one of my favorite boutiques! I knew I had to have it {price pending of course}. The price was right {the save way} and now I can’t wait to wear it. And it will be perfect to transition into the fall as well!


{whowhatwear inspiration}

their way and the save way

1. their way, Rebecca Minkoff, $328

2. the save way, mink pink, $98 

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