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This time of year I find it very hard to shop for clothes {hence the lack of clothing post}, WAY too hot to even look at fall and summer sales are usually pretty picked over by now. But accessories, that’s where you’ll find me! There are several things I love about Zara handbags; the price point is affordable, the styles and silhouettes are on trend with top designers and their quality never disappoints. One of my all-time favorite handbags is from Zara, and it never fails, every time I use it I get so many compliments. Here’s a round-up of a few great styles to wear now and carry into fall.

Zara Handbags

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the black bag

You can never have enough handbags, right?  Once the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, I tend to reach for my black handbags much more, which lately leaves me craving a new one.  Zara does several things right, and handbags is one of them. Rich materials, on-trend shapes and great quality. Here are a few bags I am currently loving.



handbag challenge

I carry a large purse on a daily basis. Big enough for just about anything. And I have to admit, it has created a problem, I always want to take everything, everywhere. Sort of a comfort for me. Hey, you never know when you may need that extra phone charger, those 6 lipstick shades to choose from or that full size hair brush. I have slowly been trying to introduce smaller handbags into my routine and I am currently craving, a hard-shell clutch. Yes, very small and doesn’t expand, I can’t believe I am even considering it. I’m talking just enough room for an iPhone, a few credit cards, and a lipstick. I’m setting a personal challenge for myself, to purchase and use one of these tiny treasures! Here are a few that are right in my price range, but I think I have decided on one I love!

{top to bottom} one {Zara}, two {Urban Outfitters}, three {Zara}, four {Urban Outfitters}, five {C.Wonder}, six {Banana Republic}, seven {Zara}


basic black

I have had several people come to me recently for handbag suggestions. Most were looking for something that can be work appropriate and fit the tech-accessories we all seem to carry around on a daily basis. And of course not too expensive, but durable enough to handle the added weight. With Zara recently launching e-commerce in the USA I have been spending more and more time on the site and I came across the perfect handbags to fulfill their needs.

*to add color to these handbags simply tie your favorite scarf around the handle

{Zara, $109}

{Zara $49}

{Zara $149}

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